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Anonymous asked: from which movie is those gifs of barbie? like the one when she is sick and stuff

"Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse". The episode is called "The Reunion Show", I think

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lett-live asked: omg stop i can't even take how prefect your blog is

Aww, haha, that’s too sweet. Thank you!

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pink-is-beautiful asked: This blog is pink perfection. I dream of having a blog like this, It's beautiful! <3

Oh my God, I caught myself smiling while reading this..:) Thank you SO much, doll! Let me know if I can do something for you.

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Anonymous asked: what is the name of the song 1,2,9 your playlist?

1.Willa Ford - “I Wanna Be Bad”

2.Willa Ford - “Jokes On You”

9.Willa Ford - “Prince Charming”

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foreverkayceexo asked: oh my goodnesssss. Im so glad i found your blog. its so cute <3 i love it!

:)))))))) Thank you so much, doll!! Means a lotttttttt :)

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konsentrasjon asked: girl your blog is the best! xo

Aww thanks, love! You’re too kind :)

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